Yoni Oracle Cards ®

Yoni Oracle Cards Connect with your Divine Feminine Energy

Awaken your Womb Wisdom and Lunar Rhythm to live in Harmony

with your Inner Nature

The Yoni Oracle Cards, created by Georgie Catling, are inspiring women to embody

their Divine Feminine energy, develop their intuitive nature and return to the truth

of who they really are.

When women connect to their cyclic nature they make better decisions,

feel centred and empowered. The Yoni Oracle Cards are supporting women

to create a life they love.


The cards reflect 4 energies women can embody to bring balance:


Crone ∙ Rest & Reflect ∙ Dark Moon ∙ Menstruation ∙ Winter

Maiden ∙ Plan & Initiate ∙ Waxing Moon ∙ Pre-ovulation ∙ Spring

Mother ∙ Shine & Collaborate ∙ Full Moon ∙ Ovulation ∙ Summer

Enchantress ∙Discern & Complete ∙Waning Moon ∙ Pre-Menstrual ∙Autumn


These transformational cards are healing and awakening women to their natural intuitive gifts,

power and courage, providing a road map towards self-love

and a return to sovereignty.

45 Cards, 9 Artists, Full-Colour Guidebook

 The Yoni Oracle deck includes 45 illustrations created by 9 artists, each illustration transmitting

its own unique healing and divination. 

There is a full-colour guidebook with suggestions for ceremonies, sample spreads

and inner journeying.  The cards can be used for reflection, meditation, divination,

Red Tents, workshops, self-love, womb healing, ritual and ceremony.


Georgie Catling, creator, Yoni Oracle Cards says:

“Women are being called to awaken the ancient mysteries, their Womb Wisdom

and deep inner knowing.  Our sensual, sovereign self is aching to live in

harmony with each other and the pulse of Mother Earth.

Walking the path of truth, illuminates the shadows, bringing beautiful gifts

and immense challenges. 

The Yoni Oracle Cards are a guiding light to

navigate new terrain, welcoming you home to the power,

radiance and creativity blossoming within”



“The Yoni Oracle is an absolutely breathtaking work of creative brilliance, and an important tool for womb workers and wisdom keepers the world over.  The artwork alone is exquisite and multi-dimensional, and the evocative and deeply felt written messages serve to support a vibrant unlocking and unfolding of the holy feminine soul” (Shri, USA)

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