Holy Womb Trinity™
Awaken and Activate your Rose Priestess Codes

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▽Set of 3 Double Sided Art Prints
▽Image on the front; Red Rose, White Rose and Pink Rose Womb
▽Corresponding guidance and affirmation on reverse
▽A5 Size, 350gsm Recycled Silk Card
▽Printed professionally in the UK
▽Free UK p&p

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Embody your Sacred Womb Heart

The rose is an ancient flower that represents the Divine Feminine, a healer of the Heart and supports and nourishes the Womb. Rose medicine embodies both the beauty and scent of the soft bloom and the sharp edges of the thorn. She holds her boundaries and opens her heart in love. These 3 beautiful healing templates are one part of the Holy Womb Trinity™. Each image has been created and blessed in ceremony supporting you to connect and activate your Womb Wisdom.

The Rose Womb Healing Templates include:

Red Rose Womb
This magnetic and alluring Womb holds the energy of the Serpent Priestesses, Dragons and the Flame of the Magdalene. She is calling you to embody your sexual energy and reclaim your wild untamed power. Her Womb will guide you to connect and activate your Wild Womb.

White Rose Womb
Soft and compassionate, her energy is gentle as the Dove and Swan Priestesses. She will support you in returning to your original innocence, to radiate your childlike and joyous essence. Her Womb will open your Heart, heal old wounds and activate your Holy Womb.

Pink Rose Womb
Her soft radiating energy will weave together your Wild and Holy Womb. Both purity and pleasure, Lilith and Eve, Virgin and Whore.


Journey with your chosen Rose Womb depending on which qualities you wish to embody, for example:

To connect with Mary Magdalene, the Serpent Priestesses and Dragon energy work with the Red Rose Womb
To connect with Mother Mary, the Swan Priestesses and Dove energy work with the White Rose Womb
To alchemise both the Red and White River work with the Pink Rose Womb.

Create crystal grids by placing intuited crystals on each of the Sacred Venus Rose points and setting a clear intention.  Crystal grids are a magical way to amplify the energy you are awakening.

Place the Healing Womb Templates directly onto your Womb and/or Heart or other parts of your body. For example, you could place the Red Rose on your Heart to bring power and passion and the White Rose on your Womb to bring gentleness to your Wild Womb.




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