Welcome Beautiful Soul to the Magic and Mystery of your Womb.
You hold within healing codes, a holographic blueprint of the Womb of Creation weaved through your blood and bones. There is a Great Womb Awakening, calling you to surrender, soften and open to the magic and mystery of life.



This self guided journey will begin to initiate you into the mysteries of the feminine, a place of sanctuary, surrender and deep remembering.

Your Womb is a gift full of infinite possibilities and she is waiting for you to hear her call. Connecting with your Womb supports you to slow down, reduce stress and begin to create in alignment with your Divine Purpose.

Your Womb is the living pulse of Mother Earth, you are Wild and Free.

Can you feel your Womb calling you home?

  • Awaken & Activate your Womb Wisdom
  • Cleanse your Womb so you feel free of the past
  • Journey through 7 Grail Gates, a Holy Ancient Template to connect to your Sacred Womb
  • Create ritual & ceremony
  • Release and Rebirth through a Dark Womb audio meditation
  • Reclaim your true essence through a powerful Womb Sovereignty Vow
  • Receive a beautiful PDF with daily guidance including a Mary Magdalene Womb template to colour and meditate with, a Dream Seed Womb Template to record new visions, and a Womb Word Tree to document your journey
  • This pilgrimage is an independent journey that can be taken as many times as you are called to
  • NO START DATE choose to journey when your Womb calls



“The Womb is the eternal mystery of the primordial dazzling darkness that births life into being. It is the gateway to a magical realm of wisdom. It is the Holy Grail: the chalice that holds the secrets of life. We don’t need to search outside ourselves to receive the answers… we need only pilgrimage deep inside our own bodies”.

Bertrand & Bertrand (Womb Awakening, 2017)




Choosing to reclaim the power and wonder of your Womb is an act of SELF LOVE.

The Womb and Heart are Sacred Portals to the deeper aspects of your Souls calling.

Take the first steps to awakening and activating your GIFTS, PURPOSE & CREATIVITY.  Embrace your LUNAR NATURE, WILD & SENSUAL ESSENCE.

You hold the KEY to unlocking infinite possibilities. Reclaim your Womb Wisdom and RADIATE LOVE and Divine Feminine POWER.

Moon Cycle
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  • Embody your inner wisdom and ancient knowing
  • Rebirth your beautiful Womb into her Divine innocence & creativity
  • Feel inspired and alive
  • Open up your psychic abilities
  • Strengthen your connection to the Womb of Mother Earth
  • Feel grounded and less stressed
  • Align with your higher purpose and soul gifts
  • Create a space for deep forgiveness and healing of your heart
  • Open to the abundance and flow of life
  • Begin to heal your Womb of karmic imprints & past lovers
  • Manifest opportunities and have the courage to follow up on synchronicities
  • Open to Sacred Union


This is such a carefully crafted course. So gentle and so graceful.  It almost feels dreamy, the way one set of questions open the flow of womb consciousness and the next days work lifts that energy to another level.  Thank you Georgie.”

Divya (Tarot reader & Therapist)

“These 21 days helped me connect with my womb, identify my fears, sit with my shame, overcome my guilt, understand the emotional disconnect I have been having all these years. The 17th day exercise where I had to tell 3 women what I admired in them was the icing on the cake. Woah, it was so difficult to do that but then I ended up messaging 6 women and the best part was to see their response to it. It was overwhelming – all my friends know how emotionally distant I am and that message had given them happy tears. I know I still have a long way to go but then I see the light in the tunnel and I am confident I will get closer.”

Beenu (Prakriti Healing Arts)

“After I gave birth to my stillborn baby girl at 9 months of pregnancy it felt as my body, my womb had failed. Since I’m on the pilgrimage my womb whispered to me that she also suffered from this loss. That she carried my baby too for 9 months. I felt her pain, I felt her sorrow and I felt so much compassion and love for her. I would like to thank you from the depth of my heart for this pilgrimage and your openness, your dedication, your support and the safe space you created. For showing us that it is ok to listen to my womb and to give her a voice.”

A.G (Course Participant)