yoni oracle card course


  • Learn how to create sacred space and be a clear channel for guidance
  • How to work with the cards for healing, support and insights
  • Learn how to give yourself and others intuitive Yoni Oracle Readings
  • Gain confidence in your use of the cards and how they can support you in everyday life
  • Guidance on connecting with your Womb (energetically) and working with her for powerful readings
  • Explore the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water and their relation to the Tribes within the deck
  • Create and make decisions from a place of clarity and confidence
  • Allow your intuition to free you from repeating patterns that keep you stuck and uninspired
  • Activate your Yoni Wisdom


  • Distant Womb Alchemy Healing Transmission (MP3)
  • Meditation to connect with the 4 Tribal Leaders (MP3)
  • Womb Sovereignty Vow (MP3) to use to clear and activate your Womb
  • Printable Yoni Oracle Spreads/Templates
  • Exploring the Elements Workbook
  • How to create a Magdalene Womb Spray
  • Printable Yoni Oracle Journal Pages
  • Training does NOT include a set of Yoni Oracle Cards
  • On booking you will receive a code for 30% off a deck of cards (excludes p&p)
Yoni Oracle Cards Courses

The Yoni Oracle Course has been created to support you in your healing journey, to connect to your Womb Wisdom and deep inner knowing. Our Womb – Our Yoni is just waiting to share the whispers of our soul and the hidden gifts. We each carry creative seeds that are aching to grow and help us become all that we can be, but these seeds may have become deeply buried or lost within the shadows. There are many ways to nurture and bring them to light, working with the Yoni Oracle Cards is one of them.

The cards bring forth clarity and purpose, break down illusion and bring love and compassion to parts of you that may be experiencing pain or confusion. The Yoni Oracle Cards are not about fortune telling but about working with the archetypes of the Crone, Maiden, Mother & Enchantresses and how they can support you on your path.