Nine magical and talented artists created the artwork for the Yoni Oracle Cards, each with their own distinct style.  The creation of the artwork took nearly three years as Georgie the creatrix was guided by her Womb and Heart to finding the artists that shared the vision of supporting others to find their Souls Voice.  The healing energies have expanded over the years to include new projects such as the Holy Womb Trinity co created with Helen Burt and the Womb Alchemy series co created with Charlotte Thomson-Morley.

Kerry Manning Dedman Artist image


Each of the Yoni spirit women I met and worked with, was waiting to manifest into this realm through the Yoni Oracle.  Being with them was an intimate experience. Because they exist in each one of us, they know us so well. They spoke, cajoled and taught me about aspects of myself. I truly laughed, cried and fell in love with them and myself, as they took form on the canvas.

Keri is a self taught artist and works intuitively with various media to express her ideas. Her inspiration comes primarily from Mother Earth and all who share this wonderful environment.

Helen Claira Burt artist



Helens preferred creative explorations have always revolved around the Goddesses, mythical beings and the female experience. Celebrating the female form in the medium of pencil and pen, Helen creates art that aims to foster our connection and intimacy within the body. The Yoni Oracle Card journey has been life changing… I resonate deeply with this project and felt so honoured to be invited. I think the most challenging to draw, was the Yoni of the 6 Senses, she brought to my awareness inner resistances I didn’t know where there. My most precious gift this journey has given me is the increased value I now place on myself.

Helen Claira Burt artist
Thandie Keet De Melo


I have been creating as long as I remember… Whether dancing, writing or drawing, Ive always had an endless supply of creative energy and a need to create. I was born in Africa in a time of conflict, when the worst excesses of colonialism were being challenged. I was born to conscious, activist parents who had powerful voices for liberation. The theme of liberation and healing has run throughout my life and art, though it often manifests in a seemingly more spiritual journey for liberation. I’m most creative when I’m not trying, when my ego or self is still and out of the way, I am an illustrator and designer and available for commissions.
LaEbony Leonie Tomlinson


instagram @laebonyarts

Leonie is a self taught Artist/Graphic Designer from the Uk, where I specialise in cartoony styled Afro Art. My brand La’Ebony was created to uplift black females all around the world, to allow black women to feel confident, creative and beautiful… I was drawn to the Yoni Oracle Card project, as the owner – Georgie – had a very moving heartfelt and inspirational story… I also admired the fact that Georgie wanted to use more diverse images within her deck, to help reflect women from all cultures and backgrounds and I was delighted that she chose myself to help bring her ideas to life.

LaEbony Leonie Tomlinson
Chloe Forfitt



Chloe Forfitt paints, works, mothers, loves and lives in Glastonbury. She was introduced to the Oracle of these cards – Georgie Catling – by her magical daughter, who had been a friend of Georgie’s for some time. Raising a daughter turned Chloe on to the pressing need for women to walk the Earth fully in their power: relaxed, safe and whole.

Part of this remembering is the honouring of our sacred bodies. These cards will help to connect women to their true selves; allowing them the time and space to honour their inner wisdom. If you feel drawn to, Chloe can work with you in sacred space to create your own personal yoni painting.

June Marisa Kaewsith Jumakae


June is a multidisciplinary artist, cultural worker and community curator based in Long Beach California. June is also a wellness consultant, registered yoga teacher and trained to work with survivors of sexual trauma. She has conducted spoken word workshops and mural projects with various youth groups, and theatre skits with community members addressing local issues from wage theft, to environmental racism.

​Being part of the Yoni Oracle Cards is a celebration of our first home, a portal to the cosmos, birthing reincarnated ancestors.

June Marisa Kaewsith Jumakae
Salkis Re


As an artist, my purpose is very clear.  I want black women to feel soft and beautiful and delicate.  There is, and always will be a delicate tone within my artwork in order to clarify and counteract the erroneous displays of what the world assumes us to be as black women. That said, the art itself is very colorful and I attribute this to the influence of my Caribbean roots.  I am a self taught artist with no formal training… My work is predominantly of girls and young women because each one represents a lived experience for me or a women close to me.  I am also a life coach, self-published author and available for commissioned art pieces.
Annabelle Melissa


Annabelle is an artist of several mediums, firstly a textile artist and more recently I have been re-exploring painting and drawing. I currently live in Devon and home educate my son. Bees have always been very close to my heart and I felt deeply honoured when Georgie asked if I would paint the Bee Yoni. I was menstruating whilst painting this card and I feel it was the perfect time to sink into the depths of myself. There was part of me that had some resistance at first to painting such a provocative piece, but once I had moved past this it was liberating and very healing to create.

Annabelle Melissa
Rachel Perry
I live in the beautiful hills of Somerset, England. This is where I create Visionary Art and offer my services as an Energy Healing, Reiki Teacher and Massage Therapist, Crystal Healer and Meditation practitioner. The Yoni Oracle is a unique collaboration of many Divine women, inspired to share their creations in the world. This is why I wanted to be part of this inspired project, to share, inspire and create! The Yoni of Deep Longing is a reflection of my own longing to be united with my Divine Masculine.
yoni oracle cards


Charlotte is an illustrator based in Nottinghamshire UK, passionate about self-expression in art and life and the healing power of creativity and colour. In recent years health issues led her to reconnect with her womb-space as a source of creative power, leading her on a new path to rediscover her love of meditation, yoga and a more magical approach to art and life.

Charlotte has created a range of womb artwork and graphics for the Womb Wisdom courses and is well known for her paintings of curvaceous women which carry a conscious message of body acceptance and empowerment.

yoni oracle cards